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      Grade HF

      Formula: BN, CAS No.: 10043-11-5, smooth soft powder in white color. Its microstructure is single platelet with hexagonal crystal system. It provides perfect electrical insulation, thermal conductivity, lubricity as well as chemical resistance. It is chemical inert material; almost stable to all the organic solvent, melting metal and corrosive chemicals.

      Typical Value
      Purity B2O3 Total Oxygen Avg. Particle Size (D50) Crystal Size Tap Density Surface Area (BET)
      99% 0.1% 0.7% 4 µm 1 µm 0.3 g/cm3 16 m2/g
      ① Values represent typical data and will vary within ranges established for a particular grade

        ★ As additive for thermal conductivity tape and film
        ★ As additive of thermal conductivity fiber product
        ★ As raw material for h-BN coating
        ★ As release agent
        ★ To produce Cubic Boron Nitride
        ★ As raw material of special ceramic
      With smaller particle size, higher crystallinity, higher purity and lower B2O3 level it is suitable for the application that requests smaller particle size.

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